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Golden Grove High School endeavours to provide students with a wide range of  learning experience. We offer our students a number of exciting exchange opportunities.

Currently, our students have an opportunity to go on a Spanish and Humanities Study Tour every second year.

We also have a Japanese Exchange program with Seto Junior High School in Okayama Prefecture. Our students have the opportunity to visit Japan in alternate years and we work with DECD International Education Services to have Japanese students visit every year.

Students also have the opportunity through the Arts faculty to go on tour. The Arts Around the World tour runs every 4 years, with the next tour scheduled for 2019. We also offer an 'Arts on the Go' Performing Arts program which allows students in Years 9 and 10 to perform to audiences in regional SA.

We have a policy of encouraging opportunities for exchange organised by reputable outside organisations. We have welcomed students from a number of countries through AFS, Southern Cross Cultural Exchanges and Rotary. Several of our own students have gone abroad with these organisations.