Koishikawa welcome

On Monday 8 August at 4.15pm we warmly welcomed 19 enthusiastic but tired Year 9 students and their teacher to Adelaide and Golden Grove High School. This is the first time we are hosting students from Koishikawa Secondary School.

The students arrived by bus from Adelaide Airport, after a long 11 hour flight from Tokyo. A welcoming committee including staff, Student Voice President Ben, Vice President Talia and host brothers and sisters greeted our visitors on arrival. We were all excited to finally meet them.

The red carpet was rolled out for our very special international visitors! Upon arrival, they were greeted by our Principal, Paul Wilson who formally welcomed all of our international guests. After a few photos were taken, it was time for the students to sit and have a few refreshments before being given a tour of our school. Host mothers and fathers soon arrived to take their ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ with them, to what will be ‘home’ for the next two weeks.

The Koishikawa students will have a full program while they are with us. This will involve English lessons, cultural excursions, a school experience program which includes specialised subjects such as Design and Technology Studies, Art, Dance, Home Economics, Music and Physical Education as well as specialised Science and Maths classes. Our staff have willingly given their time to ensure that our international visitors have a fabulous Golden Grove High School experience.

We thank our families and community who are supporting our International Program and are hosting these students. Being a homestay family means inviting an overseas student to become a part of your family and is a wonderful opportunity to share and experience a different culture. For students studying the language of the Study Tour student, it is a great opportunity to further develop their skills in this language. For many students and families this relationship can last well beyond the visit to Australia, as lifelong friendships are forged.

In November this year, we will be hosting about 20 students from Ritsumeikan Junior High School, so we once again would like families to consider hosting these students for about two weeks. It is a rewarding and wonderful experience for the family and the student.

Please contact Carlos Gallardo our International Education Coordinator for further details.