IMG 7365 Koishikawa treeplantingIMG 7338 Koishikawa treeplanting

Welcome to our visitors from Koishikawa Secondary Education School, who have been our guests at Golden Grove High School from 7 to 18 August.

Koishikawa students have been immersed in a varied program including the learning areas of English, Maths, Science, Home Ec and Art.  They have also learnt about Aboriginal culture. Students have experience a trip to the city centre and visited the museum, the Central Market and Rundle Mall.

 IMG 7351 Koishikawa treeplantingIMG 7373 Koishikawa Home Ec

IMG 7382 Koishikawa Home EcIMG 7383 Koishikawa Home Ec

IMG 7387 Koishikawa Home EcIMG 7390 Koishikawa Home Ec

Koishikawa w digeridooKoishikawa w digeridoo 2