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GGHS is committed to promoting high achievement and excellence for its students. The EXCEL program exists to support and extend those high-achieving students in Years 8-10 who excel academically.  It aims to:  

  • Challenge high-achieving students to extend themselves academically by participating in intellectually-challenging activities, and by preparing for, and entering, academic competitions
  • Foster the formation of supportive friendships among academic high-achievers, by providing opportunities for them to find each other and to participate in activities together
  • Motivate high-achieving students to continue to do their best at school, since continued participation in the programme is dependent on students continuing to attain good grades.

How do students qualify to join EXCEL?

High-achieving students may qualify to join the EXCEL program in a number of ways:

  • Attaining outstanding academic results: at least 5 A grades in the previous term/semester  
  • Succeeding in an individual state, national or international academic competition, e.g. attaining at least a Credit in the ICAS Computing Skills, English, Mathematics or Science tests, the Big Science test or the Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Current selection to represent the school in an academic interschool competition, e.g. the S.A. Debating Association’s Interschool Debating Competition or the Tournament of Minds
  • Contribution to a Department for Education combined-schools’ music ensemble, e.g. Secondary School Strings.

 What extension and enrichment activities are offered?

The activities offered vary, depending on current students’ interests, but can include

  • 3-day Year 10 Environment Camp held at Normanville in Term 1 (with Gleeson EXCEL)
  • 3-day Year 9 Forensic Science/Law Camp held at Woodhouse in Term 2 (with Gleeson)
  • educational programs for Students of High Intellectual Potential, e.g. five ½-day Zoo Ed
  • academic team competitions, such as the Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO), S.A. Debating Association interschool debating and Tournament of Minds
  • academic student conferences, such as the Gifted and Talented Students’ Conference and the United Nations Young Diplomats’ Forum
  • academic certificate courses, such as the Red Cross First Aid Certificate
  • educational excursions to the ABC radio/TV studios, the Magistrates/Supreme courts, the Festival Centre for plays/musicals, the Migration Museum, Parliament House, music recitals
  • individual academic competitions, such as the ICAS English test
  • leisure pursuits, such as photography and making Indian sweets (usually after school).