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Physical Education is a popular subject at SACE level that allows students to combine their love of sport and exercise with theoretical knowledge of exercise physiology and how we learn and perform skills and movements. Students at Stage 1 and 2 will study concepts such as:

  • Energy sources and systems of the human body
  • Training principles and methods for the development of effective training programs
  • Skill acquisition and the stages of learning a skill
  • Biomechanical principles and their application to sport and exercise
  • Factors affecting the participation and inclusivity of sport and exercise

SACE Physical Education students will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves and delve deeper in to these topics through learning in a practical environment by playing and involving themselves in a wide range of sports and exercise. This experiential form of learning is used to develop, build upon and allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge to a range of sporting and exercise settings. Collaboration and teamwork is at the very core of this subject, with students required to work in teams and small groups to collectively identify problems and propose solutions to a range of scenarios within practical lessons.

Students will also have the opportunity to utilise a range of technologies such as GPS and Heart Rate monitoring units in order to collect and analyse data and identify methods of improvement. Using these types of technology allows students to make clear connections between the theoretical concepts that they are learning about and authentic, real-world scenarios.

For further information about studying Physical Education at Golden Grove High School please consult the Curriculum Handbook or Flowchart or contact HPE and Outdoor Education Learning Area Leader Matt Sharpe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.