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The Special Interest Touch Football classes have been created to educate students about the game of Touch Football and specifically prepare them for the Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA) Statewide Schools Competition.

The program consists of three Physical Education classes including one at Year 8, Year 9 and a combined Year 10/11 SACE Stage 1 class.

Year 8

12 boys and 12 girls are selected via trials when in Grade 7 and are grouped to form a Year 8 Homegroup and Physical Education class. The students undertake an introductory unit (foundation course) of Touch Football along with regular Year 8 Practical and Theory topics.

Year 9

In Year 9 there is a consolidation of skills learnt in Year 8 along with the teaching of new attack and defence principles and tactics.

This 14 week course is used as a preparation for the State Knockout Competition held in Term 2.

Year 10/11 (SACE unit)

The combined Year 10 and 11 class incorporates a Touch Football practical unit into the traditional Year 11 SACE program.

Year 10 students selected will receive a SACE unit of work for successful completion of the course.