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In the Languages learning area the focus in on both language and culture, as students learn to communicate meaningfully across linguistic and cultural systems, and different contexts. This process involves reflection and analysis, as students move between the new language being learnt and their own existing language. It is a reciprocal and dynamic process, which develops language use within intercultural dimensions of learning experiences. Learning in the languages area demonstrates how language and culture shape and reflect experience; that is, the experience of language using and language learning. The experience of being in two worlds at once involves noticing, questioning and developing awareness of how language and culture shape identity.

Languages aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure students:

  • communicate in the target language
  • understand language, culture and learning and their relationsip, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication
  • understand themselves as communicators.

Teaching languages other than English is a strong focus at Golden Grove HIgh School as we recognise the challenges raised by changing populations, immigration and the need to communicate in the work place with people and organisations worldwide. The curriculum includes introducing students to the culture and history of the language speakers as the class develops their language skills.

To support our students, we have successfully developed and implemented a Language Curriculum that enables students to study either Japanese or Spanish from Year 8 to Year 12.

In Year 8, students choose either Japanese or Spanish. They study the language for a full year providing those without previous knowledge of a language a strong foundation for future years of study. At the same time, the school recognises many will have studied Japanese in primary school and the curriculum and teachers support these students.

Year 9 enables students to extend their skills.

In Year 10, those who demonstrate ability above average have the potential to begin their SACE through study of an accelerated language subject at Stage 1.

In Year 11, those who are achieving at the higher levels may choose to complete an accelerated Stage 2 language subject providing greater freedom in Year 12 for other subjects they may want to study.

The focus on languages includes opportunities to meet and support students visiting Golden Grove High School or studying here for different periods. There are several opportunities to travel to countries and practice their language skills including bi-annual trips to Japan and Spain.