At Golden Grove High School, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 form our Middle School. As we aspire to deliver a world class education, we value and encourage a strong partnership between school, parents, students and the wider community. Every interaction and opportunity in built on our school values of: Respect, Equality, Pride Integrity and Resilience.

As a Middle School Community are committed to:

  • Achieving “Success for All” through ensuring growth for every learner in every class;
  • An approach that focuses on students being organised in small communities of learners;
  • Pedagogy and curriculum that engages, challenges and connects learners to the world in which they live;
  • Contextualised and relevant learning opportunities that are differentiated to support the individualised needs of every student; and
  • Developing students capacity to articulate and talk about their learning through our ‘Learner Dispositions’ (collaborative, creative, reflective, self-motivated and resilient).

Middle Schooling at Golden Grove High School is focused on:

  • Fostering strong relationships through students working with teachers in ‘Learning Teams’;
  • Being ethical users of technology and integration of ICT across the curriculum;
  • Student agency through the co-construction of learning;
  • Acknowledging and celebrating achievements as part of developing a culture of success;
  • Embracing innovative and high impact teaching methodologies; and
  • Creating a safe learning environment where all students have the opportunity to be challenged, thrive and flourish in all aspects of school life.