Golden Grove High School supports high achievement and expectation for Aboriginal students, work with students to support academic success and positive well-being. All students have a One Plan which supports each student individual aspirations.

A strong support Team

  • Senior Leader - Matt Zviedrans
  • Aboriginal Education Teacher - Matthew Ujhelyi
  • ASETO - Lochie Buckskin
  • Learner Support Coordinator
  • School Support Officers

Opportunities exist for;

  • Leadership
  • Student Leadership home group
  • Student congress
  • Clubs
  • Cultural participation through - NAIDOC, Reconciliation week and Harmony Day activities
  • Vocational Education Training Opportunities (VET) and School Based Apprenticeships
  • Enrolment - Students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can apply to attend the SA government high school of their choice via the Enter for Success program. Further information can be found here

The school celebrates and acknowledges success through;

  • Visible acknowledgement of Aboriginal culture.
  • Sub School Awards.
  • ATSI Year 12  celebrations.

To further support students and their families we offer;

  • A homework club after school.
  • Weekly tutor support
  • A barbeque for families and friends in term 1 to meet and make links
  • ATSI room for staff and students