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The Golden Grove High School Learning Centre supports the learning needs of students across all year levels within the mainstream setting.

"The Learning Centre is located in rooms F15/F17 and offers learning support ,  curriculum differentiation and curriculum modification in consultation with the student’s subject teachers and family. These include:

  • Students with disabilities on a One Child One Plan.(OCOP)
  • Students with learning Difficulties with an Individual Learning Plan. (IEP)
  • Students who have status as Child In Care of the Minister
  • Students at risk who are referred by GGHS processes as needing support"

In consultation with teachers, students may attend the Learning Centre and receive small group or 1:1 tutoring for short or longer term need. School Support Officers provide this additional support under the guidance of the Learning Centre Coordinator.

  • The English support classes are facilitated and taught in the Learning Centre at Years 8, 9 and 10 under the instruction of the Coordinator with the support of a School Support Officer.
  • Year 8, 9 & 10 classes build skills for functional literacy with an emphasis on reading and comprehension.
  • Mathematics classes at Year 8, 9 & 10 similarly have the added support of a School Support Officer. At Year 10 students complete a SACE unit.


The Learning Centre in collaboration with classroom teachers leads the development of strategies for individual students to differentiate content delivery, environmental support, assistive technologies and modified performance standards for assessment.

All Students negotiating support via the Learning Centre need to have their parent/caregivers’ permission via a “Support Letter” that is to be signed and returned to school.