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We are a Department for Education Special Entry Dance School. Enrolment in this program is via a selection process that involves application, audition and interview. A copy of the Special Entry Dance brochure can be viewed here. Students who live out of zone are able to attend Golden Grove High School through admission to our Special Entry Dance program. An extensive Arts pathway throughout Years 8-12 is an important part of this program. The special entry Dance students undertake two full lines of Dance in Years 8 and 9 for the whole year.

Once students attain senior school, they have a far wider selection of subjects available to them, including other arts offerings.

The middle school dance curriculum includes:

  • Core Technique:  Modern, Classical
  • Core Extension:  Composition, Conditioning
  • Elective Technique:  Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre
  • Theatre Skills:  Singing, Acting, Performance
  • Theory:   Safe Dance Practices, Dance History, Stagecraft, Dance Appreciation, Anatomy, Nutrition.


Drama is very well supported by students at the school. Those year eight students who select Drama are then exposed to both the historical and practical elements. These skill areas build in intensity throughout their senior years and culminate in a major production component in Years 10, 11 and 12. In 2019 the Year 12 Drama students did a Production of "Clue" based on the board game of Cluedo. Students have the opportunity to work in an on stage or off stage role.

Students are also able to see a wide range of productions which are brought into the school and to view performances by the State Theatre Company and through the wealth of festivals available in Adelaide each year.

Arts Around the World

In April 2019 22 students and 2 teachers travelled to New York and Los Angeles to experience the vibrant Performing Arts industry. Students got to take part in workshops on Broadway, Art Galleries and much more! The bi-ennial tour will next take place in 2021 and students are selected through an application process. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our music program is a rich one. Students at Year 8 level select one or more instruments and are assisted by Instrumental Branch musicians. Students from year level bands and ensembles are given the opportunity to perform at assemblies and the annual winter concert as well as for local primary schools. The Golden High School stage band attends various competitions.

Our music program is a rich one even if quite small.  Students at Year 8 level select one or more instruments (including voice) and are assisted by Instrumental Branch musicians.  Students form year level bands and ensembles and are given the opportunity to perform at assemblies and in the annual Winter Concert and for the local primary schools.

PA Stage Band has attended the Band Festival in Mount Gambier and will continue to do so in the future in a competitive guise.