Students in the Discovery Centre engage with various employment companies and agencies to make the transition from school life to work life as smooth as possible. Students begin a small stint of group work experience at supported worksites in year 10 through the subject Personal Learning Plan at sites such as Special Olympics, Minda Electronics etc. Once in the senior class in year 11 and year 12 students can participate in weekly group work experience at Bedford Industries or Barkuma or individual work experience at various locations both in supported and open employment.

Through our work experience program many of our students achieve so well in these placements that they go on to obtain paid employment while completing year 12.  This means that they have the opportunity to participate in a part time timetable, where they can attend both school and part time paid work to help with the transition to post school life.

We also engage with various employment services and post school options such as supported work, open employment, further education and VET courses. Below are some of the agencies that we work with.

Prospect Centre 
Barkuma Transition Program
Barkuma Paid Work   
Job Prospects   
Bedford Industries  
Hands On SA