As a result of rapidly growing enrolments, and limits to available classroom space, this school gives enrolment priority to students living in the enrolment zone. Enrolment can only be guaranteed to those students who meet any of the following criteria:-

  1. School District Rights: Students living in the enrolment zone as defined by DECD. Click here for the zoning map
  2. Sibling Rights: Students who have a brother or sister currently attending Golden Grove High School will be enrolled if they apply for Golden Grove High School.
  3. Students applying for entry into the “Special Entry Dance” program at Year 8. Selection is based on application, interview and audition and is open to students within and out of the zone. There are 23 places available and expressions of Interest need to be provided by Term 1 of the year prior to Year 8 entry.
  4. Students in Year 7 can apply for enrolment in Year 8 via the DECD Transition Process. For further information click here.

Golden Grove High School Disability Unit

Placement in the Golden Grove Unit occurs through the Negotiated Education Planning process and a Regional Education Office Placement Panel process.

Eligibility to Apply for Regional Panel Placement Process

Students who are attending a primary school special class, other special option setting or who have an intellectual disability and have been supported in a mainstream primary school are eligible to apply for consideration for placement at the Golden Grove High School Disability Unit. The application and placement process is managed by the Regional Office.

All initial enquiries regarding enrolment should be addressed to the school secretary on 8282 6400 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.