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As a result of rapidly growing enrolments, and limits to available classroom space, this school gives enrolment priority to students living in the enrolment zone. Enrolment can only be guaranteed to those students who meet any of the following criteria:-

  • School Zoning Rights: Students living in the enrolment zone as defined by the Department for Education. Click here for the zoning map

  • Sibling Rights: Students who have a brother or sister currently attending Golden Grove High School will be enrolled if they apply for Golden Grove High School.

Year 6 Transition

Year 7 enrolment is carried out by the department via public primary schools.

During Term 2 of the year your child is in Year 6 you should receive a 'Starting Secondary School' pack from your child's primary school (providing they attend a public primary school. If your child attends a private primary school, please contact your zoned government high school during Term 1 of Year 6).

When you have completed the pack, please return it to the primary school if your child attends a public primary school. The school will forward it to the department. If they attend a private primary school, please forward the pack directly to the Department for Education as indicated in the pack.

The department allocates students to high schools through the 6 Transition process. This is not decided by the high school. You will be notified of your allocated high school mid-August of the year your child is in Year 6.

Zoning information can be found at

You can select Golden Grove High School as your first preference. However, the department fill our school's places with zoned and siblings of currently enrolled students first.

If there are places remaining they will allocate out of zone students. These students are determined by the department via a criteria basis which can be found at

Please contact the Department for Education 8226 1000 if you have queries regarding out of zone criteria.

Students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can apply to attend the SA government high school of their choice via the Enter for Success program. Further information can be found at

If you miss the 6 Transition process, you can apply directly to Golden Grove High School via the Executive Secretary. However, if you do not live in our school zone, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list issued to us by the department.

Year 7 Special Entry Dance

Golden Grove High School has a Year 7 Special Entry Dance program which has an application, interview and audition process. Year 7 2023 applications can be downloaded hereApplications close Thursday 14 April 2022.

There is no special Dance genre required to audition for the program. If you would like specifics on what is involved in the audition please contact the Dance Faculty on 82826400.

Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre

Students who are attending a primary school special class, other special option setting or who have an intellectual disability and have been supported in a mainstream primary school are eligible to apply for consideration for placement in the Golden Grove High School Discovery Centre.

Enrolment in the unit occurs through the Placement Panel Process and a Regional Education Office Placement Panel process.

Enrolment at Other Year Levels

To register your interest for enrolment in Years 8-12 for the current year, please complete the appropriate form below.

Please attach all the requested documentation as listed below, scan (please do not take photos) and email the completed enrolment enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'ENROLMENT ENQUIRY - <CHILD'S NAME - YEAR LEVEL>' in the subject line.

  • A copy of your child's birth certificate or current passport
  • A letter outlining your reasons for requesting enrolment
  • A list of subjects your child would like to study at Golden Grove High School. You can view our current subects here
  • A copy of your child's most recent school report
  • A copy of the council rates in the enrolling parent's name at the in zone address OR a copy of a fully signed lease for the following 12 months in the enrolling parent's name at the in zone address (in zone applications only)
  • A copy of the CURRENT gas or electricity bill in the enrolling parent's name showing the current address
  • Copies of other relevant supporting documents, eg court orders, visas etc