Oldscholars Sam Keagan Oscar Alex Vishnu

Golden Grove High School is interested in developing a strong relationship with our old scholars, for the mutual benefit of our past and present school communities.

The school would like to facilitate reunions for graduating classes of 10, 20 and 30 years ago. Golden Grove High School  is excited to announce our first High School reunion will be held Friday 1st of September for graduating classes of 1992/93, 2003 & 2013.

The establishment of an Old Scholars Association would further enhance ongoing reconnection and be a forum to acknowledge achievements of alumni, as well as offer opportunities to current students, such as mentoring, speaking about life choices or offering work experience.

To reconnect and celebrate with other old scholars, we need your help!

Please spread the word and complete contact details and level of interest HERE. 

We can notify you about relevant class reunions and other forthcoming school events of interest.

Welcome back!