The Discovery Centre has a strong focus on student wellbeing and creating a community of support for our students and families.

Students within the Discovery Centre participate in a House System allowing students to create strong and lasting bonds with the students, teachers and SSO’s within their house. Students engage in daily vertical home group sessions with those in their house as well as a weekly Individual Development class where students are given the opportunity to develop their personal skills.

Students are also able to receive house points for their efforts, achievements, behaviours and engagement in their schooling, which collate in a house cup. This is a way for students to be rewarded for their efforts as well as engage in positive community building activities.

House Teams:

  • Milne (Yellow)
  • Tilley (Green)
  • Robertson (Red)
  • Stevens (Blue)

The Discovery Centre also engages with positive behaviour management strategies built upon developing positive and meaningful relationships between staff and students. Developing our site-specific Positive Behaviour Intervention Strategy (PBIS) the Discovery Centre facilitates and supports students with their diverse needs and behaviours to ensure success and safety for all students.