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Japanese is one of two language options that Golden Grove High School students are able to study.

Every two years in January, students and teachers travel to Japan for three weeks on our Japanese Study Tour Program. We stay with homestay families from our sister school, Seto Junior High School and then travel as a group to Kyoto and Tokyo. While in Japan, everyone is lucky enough to be able to learn and experience what daily life and school is really like, see many beautiful, famous places and broaden our knowledge of Japanese language and culture first hand.

Our students learn many skills whilst on this trip and make many cherished friendships. The generosity of our Japanese families and friends is always unbelievable and we treasure our memories. We are all very grateful for the wonderful and unique experiences we have been able to enjoy so much over the years. Students and teachers at Golden Grove High School have participated in many successful visits to Japan. As part of our sister school relationship, we send a teacher from our school to Seto for a two week exchange during alternate years. In fact, it was in December 1994/January 1995 that the inaugural group of Golden Grove High School students and teachers travelled to Seto in Okayama, Japan.  Many opportunities to practise Japanese / English skills foster international understanding, friendship and peace between Australia and Japan and our school communities have been celebrated.

Understanding and appreciating the importance of Australia’s engagement with Asia is a learning priority that is highlighted in the Australian Curriculum. Our connections with Japanese schools enable our students to be active and informed citizens who understand that diversity, social inclusion and cohesion are vital.

“The trip to Japan was a truly amazing experience and one I will never forget. It was a chance to experience what life in Japan is like and make new friends in the process. For me, staying with my host family was the best part, they really made me feel like part of the family and I hope to be able to go back one day.” Heather, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“It was a fun and exciting trip. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the delicious cuisine and the wonderful people of Japan. I now have so many special memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” Annie, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“The Japan trip has been my favourite part of schooling so far. It was different and exciting to be away from home for so long. The food was amazing, the culture was different and interesting and the people were incredibly friendly. I miss my host family as I became very attached and felt like one of the family. I hope to travel back to Japan soon and visit them.” Kirstyn, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“The Japan trip was a good experience. The places we visited were amazing. We didn’t really know each other well before we went to Japan but now we are like a family! I loved staying with my homestay family and being an exchange student. I also loved experiencing Japanese culture and way of life.” Charlie, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“The Japan trip was a once in a lifetime experience, I would love to go back to Japan in the future. Sightseeing in Japan is so amazing – there is so much to see and explore. Japanese people are the nicest people you will ever meet.” Will, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“The trip to Japan truly was a wonderful experience and one I will remember for the rest of my life. Everything was great – the people, the places, the food. Overall, it was an excellent trip and I really enjoyed it.” Zac, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“I really enjoyed the time I got to spend in Japan, experiencing the culture and daily life. My host family were lovely and they welcomed me into their home happily. I found most of the foods I ate to be delicious and very different to what I’m used to. Overall, a main highlight would have to be either Tokyo Disneyland or attending Seto Junior High School. I’m hoping to visit Japan again one day.” Jasmine, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“Japan overall was beautiful. The food was delicious. My homestay family was generous, caring and very kind. Tokyo was amazing to look at at night because of all the lights. My favourite part was Tokyo Disneyland. I hope to go back to Japan again one day.” Victoria, 2017 Japanese Study Tour

“Home life in Japan is fairly different compared to Australia; most students don’t get home until at least 6pm and working parents, later still. It’s not uncommon not to see a parent at all after leaving for school that day. The trip to Miyajima was AMAZING! We visited a famous shrine and torii gate, as well as met some sacred deer. Given the chance, I would be eager to visit Japan again.” Izzy, 2017 Japanese Study Tour