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World Challenge Laos/Cambodia

The World Challenge Tour inspires self-discovery: encouraging students to grow in confidence, build resilience, develop independence and leadership skills. The tour supports our school values, graduate qualities and our school purpose to develop global consciousness.

Students independently fund raise, plan and lead “in country”. The tour has three components: CHALLENGE, a trek of their choice; EXPLORE, selected cultural sights; CONTRIBUTE, a selected community project.

Student Reflections from the Laos/Vietnam Tour 2015

Travelling to Laos has made me realise how lucky we are to live in Australia. I’m so grateful to have such a good education, home and the many opportunities and work that probably wouldn’t be there if I lived in Laos. However, all the people in Laos were so nice and grateful for what they had. They never once complained about their lifestyle, because that’s what they grew up with. They appreciate the little things in life, things that someone who grew up in our society probably wouldn’t. And while that’s okay because that’s how we grew up, it has made me appreciate the small things in life a lot more than I did before.” – Zoe

After coming back to Adelaide, having spent a month of my life in Laos and Vietnam, my ways of thinking have changed slightly, as I have now become more involved with cooking and cleaning around the house with my mum, helping others, like my school friends to be more successful and not wasting things like food and water. This trip showed to me how to be more humane. I saw many wonderful things during the trip but nothing was more beautiful than to see regular people who didn’t own very much, give so generously. It opened my eyes in such a way I haven’t seen before.” – Gabby

“This trip has definitely made me a tougher person. I appreciate a lot of the little things that would never have come to my mind before I went on the trip, like having a clean water system, a comfortable bed, a toilet and a shower and much more. The trip also means a lot to me because of the friendships I managed to build with people who used to be strangers to me. I had no connections to anyone before the trip and knew nothing about them but now I know almost everything about these people and I’ve built such good friendships with them. Now we have so many memories together.”