The Study Tour to Spain was a successful biennial learning and travel opportunity offered to students at Golden Grove High School for about 20 years. From 2017 the trip was expanded to incorporate the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area and has become the Spanish and Humanities European Study Tour.

The Spanish and Humanities European Study Tour incorporates travel to culturally and historically significant places and cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Granada, as well as study of the language, including a 2 week language immersion program at a language school in Salamanca.

The tour also includes travel to sites and cities across Europe that are significant to the study of senior Humanities and Social Sciences subjects such as History, Geography, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Tourism. In the 2019 trip this included travel to Germany and Poland, with the opportunity to visit sites such as remnants of the Berlin Wall and the site of the Nuremburg trials.

This exciting opportunity is offered every 2 years to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students.