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“We would recommend that you see the South Australian Library, Victor Harbour, the Botanic Gardens, Glenelg beach, the city, the Royal Adelaide Show and ‘Latitude’.”

“I went camping, shopping and I had a birthday party with my family. My host family and their parents were kind and caring. I went to the Wildlife Park with my family. They looked after me well.”

“We liked studying History – we studied World War II. In Science, the teacher looked after me and helped me with my understanding. My Music teacher was funny. My Physical Education teacher talked to me a lot and in Health, my teachers all offered so much help. We both loved our English classes.”

“In Australia I was able to have fun and learn. We went outside at rece4ss and lunchtime. There was music playing, which was nice. There are lots of different nationalities at GGHS, which I liked.”

“We made lots of friends from different year levels. We liked that friends always said hello and helped us in class."

Maya Yamashita and Miumi Kisara, 2 term Study Abroad Program, from Japan

"I would recommend to all students coming to South Australia that you go to some of the zoos and a lot of shopping malls. One of the highlights of my time with my Homestay family was going to Gorge Wildlife Park."

"My favourite subject was Drama because I don't have a Drama subject in my school and it was very different."

"In Australia, everyone in the class has a different timetable and the students go to their class. This is different to my school at home."

"I enjoyed recess and lunch time where I ate or talked with my friends."

Lana Fujimoto, 4 week Study Abroad Program, from Japan

"I think that when you come to South Australia, there are a few things that I recommend doing and see, some places and activities that I loved discovering and that exchange students should really experience. First, the unmissable, seeing kangaroos and holding a koala. Going to Glenelg beach and visiting the city, these were my favourite places. Playing or just watching a netball and a football game. Then finally, trying all the weird food we can find in the supermarkets."

"What I preferred doing with my homestay family were going to watch a women's footy game then playing on the oval, going to Victor Harbour and walking around the lovely Granite Island, trying the famous Australian's fish and chips and the Copenhagen's icecreams, and finally visiting Melba's Chocolate Factory, climbing the Big Rocking Horse and visiting the city during the Fringe."

"I really appreciated my time at school, everyone was very welcoming and nice with me but mostly, I felt like I was in holidays: the schedule, start and end time of school's days are very chill in comparison with French schools which have also harder school's program compared to here. I used to start school at 7.30am and finish at 5.30pm and work on Saturday mornings. Although we have more holidays but so much homework to do throughout. There is something else that I enjoyed very much in Golden Grove High School that we don't have in France: I had the freedom to choose the subjects I wanted to. The best subjects I chose were Food and Hospitality and Dance because doing cooking or dancing and be marked for such amusing activities is so amazing and pleasant."

"I met incredible people here who I'm really going to miss. They have been thoughtful, sweet and friendly since the first time. If I must cite the highlights I had/spent with them I think I'll mention all the moments when we caught up out of the school, when we went to the beach and the city, when we met at their houses and when we went to the movies and played footy together. To  them, to all the teachers and the other people I met at school and outside, I say thank you very much because it wouldn't have been the same without you, without the beautiful and generous people you are and the adorable way you always integrated me and acted with me."

Lou Ann Rambaud 10 week Study Abroad Program, from Reunion Island - an overseas region of France in the Indian Ocean.

"When I compared Japanese school and Australian school, Australian school is freer. I was surprised that some students listen to music while they walk. I can't do that in Japan. Also, many students dyed their hair. I noticed that Japanese school is more strict."

"I really enjoyed the excursions. I went to the city and walked around China Town. I could compare Japanese shops and Australian shops. Japanese products in Australia are so expensive. Also I went to the conveyor belt sushi and ate plates of it. They were tasty. It reminded me of Japan."

My best memory is that I went to the Royal Adelaide Show with my friends from GGHS. This was my first time to hang out with Australian friends and I found out that this is an annual event. At night, many rides were twinkling and very beautiful. I will never forget this scenery."

"In the beginning, I couldn't initiate conversation with Australian friends assertively but I got used to talking to other people. I think it is important to have the courage to talk to people."

Mika Yodokawa, 10 week Study Abroad Program, from Japan

"The biggest difference between school in Austalia and school in Italy is how the work is managed. In Australia there is less homework but more essays to write. In Italy we don't have a lot of assignments and most homework is studying from a book or doing exercises. Another big difference is the fact that here computers are used in class, while in Italy we don't."

 "I really enjoyed all the open space in the school in which recess can be spent and also the holpitality of the teachers and of the classmates. I also enjoyed every part and moment here in Australia. The thing I liked the most for sure was the Outback and koalas and kangaroos, and also the City Centre is really nice and liveable."

"I would say to students who come to Golden Grove - first to enjoy their time here but also to keep paying attention to the lessons because they are very interesting and also to do the assignemtns because it is a really good way to improve your writing. It is also a way to learn how to work and do research in a different way."

"In my opinion, my experience has been really nice, so there is nothing I would change."

Carlotta Loretti, 6 month Study Abroad Program, from Italy


“I enjoyed the Drama class because we made so many "comedies". We don't do this at home in Japan so it was a good new experience.

I liked that so many people know about Japan in this school. I felt happy. They even greeted me in Japanese.”

“We liked Australia because it has many "natures" that we could visit and many new animals.

My Homestay family was very good, cooking Australian foods and driving me to many places. I liked the cakes and desserts.

My English has improved since being here. My listening and understanding is much better.

I am sad to leave and would like to return to Australia.”

Yui Kawabata and Natsumi HIrati, 4 week Study Abroad Program, from Japan


“My name is Carolin and I have been studying at Golden Grove High School for one year. My home country is Germany.

I have loved living and learning in Australia and would love to come back.

I have made some great friends and I will miss them when I am back home. 

One of my subjects was Dance where I experienced both jazz and contemporary technique.

I performed in 3 school performances in a range of contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and hip hop genres.

I also studied Outdoor Education and participated in a two-day Kayaking course and a camp to Katarapko on the Murray River.

My Homestay family were wonderful and enabled me to see other parts of Australia as well.”

Carolin Stern, 1 year Study Abroad Program, from Germany


“I really enjoyed my time at Golden Grove High School. I was very sad to leave and would have loved to stay longer. My homestay family were lovely and looked after me well.

I really enjoyed going to the beach. (Zum Strand gehen.)

I went on a trip to Victor Harbour, where we stayed in a caravan. (Ein Ausflug nach Victor Harbour, wo wir in einem Campingwagen geschlafen haben.)

Music and English were my favourite subjects because it's easy and it's fun. (Musik und Englisch, weil es einfach ist und Spass macht.)

In Austria we stay in one classroom and don't have lockers, besides that we have 13 subjects.

In Australia we move from room to room and have less subjects. (In Oesterreich bleiben wir in einer Klasse und haben keine Spinde, daneben haben wir auch 13 Faecher.)” 

Sarah Ehrenberger, 1 Year Study Abroad Program, from Austria